I’ve had the pleasure of writing a wide range of marketing communications, both internal and external, for The Bank of Missouri. With over 20 branches across the state of Missouri, the bank seeks to align its marketing communications under a single brand voice and design.

The bank also seeks to elevate its brand status beyond “local bank” to a regional provider with the expertise and resources to service any size client. They want to be known as a bank that goes beyond commodity banking services to deliver personalized solutions and proactive financial guidance.

To accomplish this, I wrote ads that were conversational, sharp and slightly mischievous. I wanted to portray the bank as the underdog, but a confident one. Through tone and design, the brand conveyed a “big bank” presence while simultaneously poking fun at big banks.

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For several years, I have been a key writer for nearly all aspects of the STIHL brand. This includes website content, emails, print ads, radio, video, online banners, in-store POP materials, SEM ads and internal communications pieces.

The STIHL brand is about premium quality at an affordable price. It’s about service and an uncompromising vision for its products and sales model. STIHL is not sold at “big box” stores – only servicing STIHL Dealers.


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Vast Broadband is a telecommunications company in South Dakota. They offer high-speed Internet, TV and digital home phone service. While most cable companies do not directly compete with one another, Vast Broadband actually competes with multiple cable companies within its service territory. This makes their brand and advertising critical to earning and retaining customers.

The tagline for Vast Broadband is “Vast is Fast”. This serves as a core message in most of our marketing communications. By focusing on Internet speeds, Vast has been able to attract over 50,000 Internet customers in its short 3-year existence.

Vast has also put a focus on the community, communicating that they are a local provider that cares about the communities it serves.

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