During an unprecedented pandemic, Memorial Health System needed to quickly communicate, across multiple platforms and markets, that it was safe for patients to return and have routine and elective procedures. The campaign “Ready. Safe. GO.” was a multi-phase, multimedia campaign that positioned Memorial as both safe and ready for the road ahead. It was also visually unique (not relying on the same stock photos everyone else was using) and provided needed flexibility throughout the unpredictable nature of COVID-19.

BoS (formally Bank of Springfield) wanted to generate awareness for their brand as they expanded into a new market. “Bank Boldly” was their tag line, so we created a visually bold campaign that used a combination of bright colors and 3D graphics to tell the story. Our goal was to get attention, then position the bank as a financial parter that can help you achieve your goals.

I wrote and collaborated on the creative direction for this Dynamite Coffee video. As part of a pro bono creativity exercise, we were free to develop the Dynamite Coffee brand from scratch.

With a name like Dynamite, we didn’t want to mimic the sleepy acoustic feel of other coffee shops. We decided upon a mid-century modern design style, set to big-band jazz music. The up-tempo rhythm lended a fun, “caffeinated” feel to the spot.  We are very pleased with how this turned out and hope it sets the tone for future Dynamite marketing efforts.

in 2016, a supplements startup came to us in need of branding. They were calling themselves “VEINZ” at the time and wanted a new name and brand image. Their USP? They actually put ingredient dosages on the bottle.

Nearly all supplement companies keep their ingredient dosages a secret, claiming that information is proprietary. In reality, it’s often a cover to hide how little of each key ingredient they put in their products.

I knew that transparency was a key component of the brand, so I created the name “Clean Victory” and built a brand that was sophisticated, modern and confident. You can see their products and brand story at CleanVictorySupplements.com

Since 2013, STIHL has been featuring real customers, from homeowners to professionals, in their advertising. I have been deeply involved in the campaign from its inception, from initial casting to adapting the content to a wide range of media, including video, print, radio, online, emails and more.

For about a year, I was involved in a large-scale rebrand for The Bank of Missouri. This corresponded with a new website, which launched in May, 2017. As part of the rebrand effort, we developed a brand style guide for internal use, helping the bank bridge the gap from local operations, to a single marketing voice across all their branches.

Every month, the Kenny Rogers Children’S Center in Sikeston, MO treats over 500 children with developmental disabilities. They offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy and more – and they do it all for free. They rely on donations to provide these outstanding services, the majority of which arrives during their annual telethon.

The challenge presented to us was that their telethon was not making an impact. People just don’t watch telethons anymore. We proposed that instead of focusing on the telethon, their advertising should focus on donations, which people can make throughout the year. We produced video, digital and billboards that ran during the weeks leading up to the telethon.